My Car

My Impractical Sporty Impreza

I love my car. I bought it three years ago and it hasn't let me down once since. Unfortunately, with the birth of my second child two weeks aago, the car has outlived its usefulness. It's just too damn small!

Strollers, carseats, pack n plays, and diaper bags all take up space and that is one commodity the Impreza does not have. I guess we'll 'upgrade' to an Outback but it screams family car and there is still a part of me that is a childless 20-something who yearns for the open road. I think to myself,

Will that part of me be clamped down forever with the sale of my Impreza or will it just compel me to finally get my motorcycle license and terrorize my husband with talk of a bike purchase?

Only time will tell...

Here is a picture of my car with a double stroller in it. Notice absolutely no room for anything else!

Subaru Impreza

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Cars I've Owned in Chronological Order

1986 Toyota Corolla (blue)$500 (from mother)
1990 Honda AccordFree (from brother)
1988 Honda Accord$500 (from sister)
1986 Toyota Corolla (brown)$750
1996 Toyota Camry$1200
2004 Subaru Impreza$10,000!

Guess after I got married and got myself a career, I felt like I should own a respectable car. I still miss my shitboxes though. (that was my term of endearment for them all).