The Problem with css

My car has taken me through some severe storms which explains my devotion to it. I can't say enough about the standard All Wheel Drive. But recently, it didn't even take me out of my driveway...

It was a dark and stormy night. No really, it was! My good friend's bachelorette party was taking place in White Plains and I was on my way out. I had no desire to go, as an ice storm was taking shape. Nevertheless, I realized I had to go, so got in the car and started to back out of my driveway. My side mirror was encased in ice and I didn't feel like sticking my head out of the window into the precipitation so I did my best to get out while my visibility was impaired. Next thing you know, BANG I felt a jolt. I had hit into my husband's car.

How stupidly ironic that I drive miles and miles on highways and windy backroads through severe ice and snow storms and emerge unscathed, and yet can't make it out of my driveway without denting both our vehicles!

No matter how many bells and whistles car companies manage to put into their vehicles, I'm afraid they'll never be able to eliminate the worst threat of all, human error.

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