Who I Am

I was once given the task of introducing myself to new colleagues via a presentation, in which I was to bring in some object that I thought was representative of who I was.  Instead of bringing something in to the presentation, I described the object that represented me and how it did that.

The object I described was my car at the time, a 1986 Toyota Corolla. The car was 18 years old and had definitely seen better days. The body had some dings and rust, but it was still reliable and started up every day.  What represented me most though, wasn’t the car itself but its contents.  The hiking boots in the trunk showed my love of the outdoors, the screwdriver holding up my passenger side window proved I wasn’t too concerned with appearances (well I suppose the car itself best illustrated that!), the St Jude card in my glove compartment was indicative of my parents’ fervent belief in the Catholic Church and my close-knit family, the bottle opener on my key chain was proof of my optimism that the next micro-brew wasn’t too far in the future and the map of the US in the backseat was necessary for all the road trips I had taken, and hoped to take.

How does any of this relate to my career in digital media? It doesn’t.  I don’t now and never will define who I am by my career.  Having said that, I think my interest in digital media does tell part of my story.  I’m impatient, so getting immediate results suits me perfectly. I can’t imagine sending out a marketing campaign and having to wait months for the results to trickle in.  Emails and changes to your website are immediate and you can gauge their success almost instantaneously. I love that.

I got into digital media working for a start-up just as the dot-com bubble burst in 2001.  We started out with high hopes and ended up as spammers.  Not very glamorous or inspiring but I had found my niche.  I started working for my current employer, A&E Television Networks, in 2005 as an AP in Email Marketing and then moved onto web production in 2006.  The best and worst thing about working in Digital Media is that the landscape is constantly evolving.  Just when you think you have a handle on standards and best practices, they change. On the other hand, there is always more to learn and that is part of the fun and challenge of my job.